Introducing the Sentinel Wallet.

The world’s first security lab certified biometric cold storage crypto wallet.

the game changer

Biometrically-Secured Non-Custodial Storage

Sentinel has built the first practical, biometrically-secured, non-custodial cold storage crypto wallet that combines ease-of-use with the highest levels of security and privacy.


The Sentinel Wallet was purpose-built from scratch with every line of code and every choice of electronic component made with the goal of securing transactions while protecting the user’s privacy.

All sensitive transactions, digital signing, and computations take place inside the powerful microprocessor contained within the wallet, separated from the outside world.


Biometric authentication is a core security feature of the Sentinel Wallet.  We believe that for true security, the biometric information must be decentralized from the always connected and insecure mobile or desktop device that other solutions rely on. 

That’s why we enroll, store, and match the user’s biometric data solely within the Sentinel Wallet itself.

Lab Certified

An enterprise-grade product designed for the acquirer whose consumers demand the highest levels of security and product confidence. 

With CC EAL5+ certified software and EAL6+ hardware, the Sentinel Wallet will be the world’s first biometric cold storage crypto solution to complete an end-to-end security audit by a credentialed security lab.  


Unrivaled Architecture and Design

Highly Secure

The Sentinel is highly secure, requiring Absolute Proof-of-Identity to activate the wallet or sign a transaction.

Stunning Design

The Sentinel Wallet is the size and thickness of a credit card and has a unique OLED indicator.

Commercial Scale

Proprietary Hot Lamination manufacturing ensures high security and commercial scale.

CC EAL6+ Secure Element

Hardware design utilizes an CC EAL6+ Secure Element and leading Biometric Sensor.

International Certified

All critical algorithms are executed inside a Trusted Execution Environment certified by an internationally accredited security lab.

Trusted Execution

Keys never leave the Security Perimeter; Trusted Execution Environment is designed to use “safe-curves” ECC algorithms.

Secure your Assets

Not Your Keys,
Not Your Crypto!

Don’t leave your entire cryptocurrency portfolio at risk by assigning control of your private keys to someone else!

Strong Three-Factor Authentication